Marcara Music Amps

10549, USA


OCTOBER 6, 2020

We regret to inform all of our customers that we are no longer performing any repairs or restoration work.

I thank everyone who we have worked with since 2011

Marcara Music Amps

Marcara Music Amps - We specialize in the repair of tube guitar and bass amplifiers.  We also repair solid state equipment, Hi-Fi Amps and other musical audio equipment.


Precise calculation for repair costs can only be determined after the unit is disassembled and the problem diagnosed.  Once completed the estimate of charges will be provided to you which includes the diagnostic bench fee of $75.00 for the analysis.  If you choose not to proceed with the repair the diagnostic bench fee of $75.00 is not refundable.

All repairs are done in our shop.  Our repairs have a 60 day service warranty.

Contact us for further details on our amplifier repair and restoration services.


A customer asked us if we could restore a Marlboro G40R amp that they have owned since 1974 which was purchased at Manny's Music located on 48th Street in NYC and longer in business.  This model is rare but only because it was never really a popular amp.  Marlboro amplifiers were made by a company located in Syosset, NY  and were economy student amplifiers.  Our customer bought this amp at Manny's in NY for use with his Univox Compac Piano, a lightweight electric piano which is what Edgar Winter used for live performances in the early seventies.

The completed restoration of the amp can be seen below and the results are amazing.  A complete recover of the cabinet was performed and all of the original hardware was restored, not replaced!  The original service warning and product model/serial number decals were transferred to the fresh new black tolex covering to retain the value and authenticity of the amp.  All of the electrolytic capacitors were replaced with high quality Nichicon brand replacements and critical signal coupling caps were replaced with Orange Drops from Sprague.  New Switchcraft input jacks replaced the rusted originals which were of Japanese manufacture.  This amp was well cared for and never saw much road use.  It suffered most of the deterioration from the 12 years of the caribbean tropical climate when it was used by his father.  When we returned the amp our client stated that  it looked like the day he picked it up at the store some 37 years ago!


One customer had this 1972 Fender Super Reverb Amp in storage since the late eighties.  The amp was covered in a basement and had developed a lot of mildew from the environment over time.  We performed a complete electronic overhaul of this amp to get it to work and perform the way it should.  In addition we restored the tattered cabinet covering, knobs, and chrome to the condition see in the photos that follow.



If you are looking to get more tone out of your amp we can install a Mercury Magnetics Transformer as an upgrade or for replacement.  They have an extensive lineup of chokes, output and power transformers to enhance the sound of your amp.  Mercury Magnetics has provided us with many of the transformer options we have needed to repair or restore our customers amps.  Call us at 914-909-5617 for more information and pricing.

Visit the Mercury Magnetics website from the logo below.