Marcara Music Amps Custom Guitar Amp Builds

REVERB 22 - Classic American Tone in a 1x12 Combo - Recreation of the famous AB763 circuit. 22 Watt tube combo with spring reverb and vibrato.  TAD 6V6GT-STR output tubes, JJECC83, JJECC81 tubes. Jensen C12Q speaker. Aged silver grill cloth, black Tolex covering, simulated black leather cover included with 2 button reverb/vibrato footswitch.  Carbon composition resistors.

$1259.00 + Shipping. **NY Residents must pay sales tax

WARRANTY - All amplifiers have a 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defects not including any misuse or unauthorized repairs or modifications. The warranty is non-transferable. User will pay for ALL shipping costs incurred for warranty service. The item must be shipped with insurance when sending it back to us for any warranty or regular service.   paragraph here.

HOWLER 45 - British Style - ALL Tube 45W 2x12 Combo Amp with 2 Channels - Hand-wired, turret board construction modeled after the JTM45 circuit. EL34 output tubes, GZ34 rectifier and three 12AX7's. Mojotone British Vintage 30 Speakers, smooth blonde Tolex covering. Marcara Music Amps custom guitar amp builds feature high end audio components.  We use carbon composition resistors for vintage authenticity and construct all of our audio amplifiers with our great attention to detail.

 $1549.00 + Shipping. **NY Residents must pay sales tax

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Marcara Music Amps

WARNING! - Hazardous and lethal voltages are present inside of tube guitar amplifiers. DO NOT open or disassemble any unit or you risk the possibility of electric shock, electrocution or even death. If your amplifier requires repairs seek the assistance of a qualified electronic technician.

DO NOT operate this equipment near water or moisture.

This equipment is provided with a 3 prong grounded electrical power cord. NEVER defeat the ground pin and never connect to any ungrounded outlets.

DO NOT install any fuse with a rating higher than specified on the unit or in the owners manual. Do not bypass the fuse or you risk causing a fire or damage to the equipment.


OCTOBER 6, 2020

We regret to inform all of our customers that we are no longer performing any repairs or restoration work.

I thank everyone who we have worked with since 2011

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