"Hi Paul,

I hope you and yours are doing well. I felt that I needed to give you a quick update on the Marshall combo you repaired. It is AMAZING!!! I have been using it at full blast, 3 days a week since I picked it up from you. My drummer and bass player immediately noticed the improvement in my tone. The amp is quiet, yet very loud and heavy. No unwanted buzzes or hisses are coming from it." Also, it is not overheating. The clarity I hear is unmatched by my other amps. It even has chord clarity on the heavy/lead channel. Thank You for restoring this amp. i will speak to you in the next couple of weeks regarding another Marshall combo and also my bass players GK MB115. Take care",

Mike - NY  - Marshall TSL repair

"Hi Paul,

Thank you for repairing my Hafler 9300 amplifier, it sounds great! Excellent professional and courteous service, with speedy turnaround. Thanks again", Mitch - Tarrytown, N.Y.

"Hi Paul,

Many Thanks for the excellent work and service with respect to my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amp. It sounds awesome and better than ever! Absolutely amazing tone from the drive channel.  I am stopping by Blue Bus this weekend to checkout the 22 watt tube amp you built.

With kindest regards",

M Dejana - Westport, CT

"Thanks a bunch! Amp sounds great. It's a pain to have to ship stuff out of the area to get it fixed, but when I get it back, now I'll know it's right. I'll definitely keep you in mind if need more in the future. Thanks again." CRATE TX50D repair

E Sears - Upstate, NY

"Hi Paul,

I finally had time to play through the amp this morning. I tried all kinds of tone settings on the Top Hat and my guitar and it sounded fine. Thanks for the prompt service and the follow-up. I'm not too involved in the music world anymore but if I can recommend you to anyone needing amp service, I certainly will. Thanks again."

Rich - Nanuet, NY

"Hi Paul,

Finally had a chance to play with the Marshall after your Tweaks and it sounds great! Best Regards,"

Sergio - Ossining, NY

"Hey Paul,

The Germino is behaving itself 100% and sounds great. Thanks again for figuring out the problem with it.

Thanks, Tim" - Westchester NY  -  Listen to Tim's guitar work with his band Grand Omega  on their  website www.grandomega.comon their website


The JVM sounds great. Your magic has made a huge difference in tone. Thanks!"

John - Bedford NYType your paragraph here.



We strive to provide our clients the best quality vintage amplifier repair service possible to gain their satisfaction. They’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly for their Fender amplifier repair service.


We want to be the guitar and bass amp maintenance and repair facility for all your amplifiers. We also service Hi-Fi models.

10549, USA

Westchester County Vintage Tube Guitar  & Hi-Fi Amplifier Repair

Musical Instrument Amplifier Builds, Repairs, Vintage Tube Amplifier Service

Marcara Music Amps of Westchester County, NY builds replica vintage tube guitar amplifiers that capture the sounds of the Iconic British and American amps of yesteryears. 

Paul Delgado became interested in electronics from the very early age of six when he would help his father with soldering projects around the house or when the family TV or radio was being repaired.  Always fascinated by electronics he built circuits like crystal radios and AM/FM transmitters for school science projects as a teen.  Paul read many of his fathers electronic theory manuals, tube data manuals and spent hours on end at the library or talking with the neighborhood electronic "genius" about radio broadcasting, CB's and Hi-Fi equipment.  Paul studied electronics at Thomas Edison High School and went on to study Computer/Electronic Technology in college.

Paul started playing electric guitar at the age of seventeen and needed to find a suitable guitar amplifier. Wouldn't you know he took the guts out of an old mono Hi-Fi tube amp console that he found in the garage, hooked it up to an Olympic speaker cabinet and found that magical sound of overdriven tubes! He got in trouble for doing that and soon had a solid state practice amp that was put together with the help of his dad. The raw parts were picked up from a musical instrument manufacturer in Long Island. That amp never sounded as good as the old Hi-Fi tube amp, it had no harmonically rich distortion.  He fixed that by building his own distortion effect pedal from a circuit found in an electronics magazine. Later in life Paul discovered amps like the Traynor Bass Master Mark II that he bought for $90.00 and did an overhaul on it and made it work right.

Soon thereafter I discovered the sound of the Marshall JCM800 and bought the 50 Watt Master Volume 2x12 Combo Model. What unbelievable tone and overdriven tube distortion! I still have that amp today, but I am building replicas of these vintage amps for those f you who may not bought one in the past. If you would rather have one built as "new" instead of treasure hunting for a great buy or find, we can offer you one of our products with the Marcara label.

We build any of our listed amps and some others upon request. Now featuring Mercury Magnetics transformers as an upgrade in our product or yours.  

Committed to providing excellent service, so you always choose us for your repair needs.

For some people, amp maintenance and repair is not fun or convenient.  We care about your equipment and your experience, with us.  We will always do our best to get things working correctly the first time around.  That may take additional turnaround time to thoroughly test,  trouble-shoot and ask questions to resolve, but many of our first-time customers continually become our long term customers time and time again, choosing us for all their amp repair work.

OCTOBER 6, 2020

We regret to inform all of our customers that we are no longer performing any repairs or restoration work.

I thank everyone who we have worked with since 2011

Marcara Music Amps


Marcara Music Amps